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Firma "ŚLUSARSTWO T&D" Stasiak company manufactures:

Tanks for locomotives and carriages.

We produce all types of tanks for locomotives and carriages with a capacity of 0,4 to 1000 litres.
Our tanks are made in accordance with PN-EN 286-3:2002. 
Tanks are manufactured in accordance with Directive 2009/105/WE.
Material: STEEL PZ 35S.

Brake cylinders for all the vehicles of Rolling Stock

We are one of the few companies in Poland to hold the certificates covering the production of brake cylinders with a diameter of 12”, 14” and 16”.
We produce them for all the vehicles of Rollong Stock in accordance with the directive on the Commercial Railway.

Sockets and bungs for trolley wagons.

We regenerate and manufacture sockets and bungs for trolley wagons.
We generate our products by means of pad welding, machining and nitriding in accordance with the norms recommended by PKP Cargo.

We also manufacture:

- walls and doors for goods wagons,
- bending elements for goods wagons,
- Small steel elements depending on the customer’s needs

Professional machine park

Our fully equipped machine park enables us to make our products to order for:

- turning,
- hobbing,
- grinding,
- plazma cutting,
- blasting,
- robot welding.

Steel structures

Moreover, thanks to our professional and precise machines we have been producing steel constructions for:
- store houses,
- productive rooms,
- shopping centres.

ll our products are made with precision and are of highest quality.

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